Wednesday, April 6, 2011


.. Eyes, Keep Watching ..

I went to my cousin house for 'Usrah', which is 'Ceramah Agama' for the other name . Kitorang sedara-sedara usually akan buat usrah dengan 'Ustaz Uda Kassim' dua minggu sekali . Tak kenal Ustaz Uda Kassim ? Yang selalu bagi ceramah kat Selangor.Fm tu lah dia. Hehee. Back to the story, while I'm waiting before the 'Usrah' begin, I've looked around the living room . Then, I've saw a girl with 'Purdah' . Tertengok mata dia sekali imbas . MasyaAllah, Allah gave her a very beautiful eyes .. Agak hilang konsentratsi untuk mendengar Usrah disitu .. Astagfirullahalazim, fokus ! fokus ! hehe.. Selesai saja 'Usrah', semua tetamu dijemput menjamu selera .. Tup tup tup.. After dinner, I didn't realized that she's already gone .. Nada-nada kesedihan disitu ..

No worries, everything always happens for a reason right ? I found that, Allah want to show me that " Beauty Doesn't Last Forever, Only 'IMAN' Will Stay With Us Forever " . You don't get the point ? Okay, let me show you ..

" Beauty Doesn't Last Forever " - Allah show me the beauty of his creature just for a few moment then the beauty of his creature just disappeared ..

" Only 'IMAN' Will Stay With Us Forever " - No matter where the beauty has gone, If I can't control my 'IMAN' , mesti Syuk tak senang duduk lepas tu. But then, the 'IMAN' has covered all my feeling towards the beauty .. Which means, InsyaAllah.. IMAN, if we take care of our 'IMAN' .. Every single thing in this 'World' and 'Afterlife' will always look beautiful from our sight .. Amin .. :)

Love Ya ! <3

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